Five Ways to Fix The Sarah Connor Chronicles, Even though it is Pretty Awesome Already

Ive dated stranger women...

I've dated stranger women...

You probably don’t watch the show.  We won’t judge you.  A lot of people don’t.  But, on the real-real, this show is pretty bad ass.  I’ll give you the break down.  The show takes place after the events of Terminator 2.  Sarah Connor is on the run with her son, and they have his uncle from the future and a Terminator chick to help them.  Also, there are Terminators running around trying to kill them.  So, what could make the show a little more accessable?

1. Less Terminator, more explanations: The show spent a little too much time with the robots at the beginning of the second season.  Don’t get me wrong.  There is nothing better than a robot fight.  The show is becoming more mature now, however.  There are plot twists and movements in the series that go beyond “Robot-punches-robot” scenes.  Terminator Cameron is acting really funny lately, and there are strong hints that she might not be as good or as friendly as we would believe.  Hopefully, new viewers will be watching this show, and a little explanation would help things. Continue reading


Impressions: The New Xbox Experience

Its like a fresh coat of paint, because Microsoft loves you.

Its like a fresh coat of paint, because Microsoft loves you.

If you have an Xbox 360, and if you play it too much, then you know that there is a new, major Firmware update for it.  The New Xbox Experience is one of the most major-ists updates that the Microsoft system has received.  I’ve played with it, like a kid missing with a brand new toy.  Here are the HIghs and the Lows.


-The Look.  It is well overdue.  We’ve had the same dashboard for a very, very long time and it was time to clean things up a bit.  I think it looks better.  Actually, come to think of it, I think everything looks better.  I’m not sure if better means different, but I don’t mind.

-Download games straight to the hard-drive.  Hell yes.  The download process is easy, it takes about ten minutes, and your 360 makes ZERO NOISE! Not even a hint of noise.  Its like having a quite system for the first time ever and it is most-def a welcome update.

-The New Guide.  It is very, very effective.  You hit the big silver button and this very clean and crisp Guide pops up and lets you navigate everything.  It is nice, easy to use, and very responsive.

-Party up! You can now have six people in a chat room.  They can play different games or the same game and it is all seem less.  It is a real welcome attention that is really, really cool.

-Netflix.  You can now stream almost all the Netflix movies straight through your Xbox 360.  I don’t have Netflix, but just having this option makes getting an account very attractive.  That, plus the rumor of HD streaming is very tempting.


-Avatars.  UGH!  Do we really need these damn things?  I feel like I’m five years old, which I think is the point.  Microsoft is reaching out to the “Wii” fans, trying to get those losers who love waving their controllers around like a moron.  I feel like the Avatar should be optional, but we’ll see how it goes.

-Themes? The themes that we all love and some of us paid for look a bit…bad on the new update.  Hopefully, there will be new themes, but for now everything doesn’t seem to match up.

-Spotlight.  When you pop your 360 on, Microsoft shows you what they want you to buy.  Ugh.  When I turn my system on, I want to either play a game or check my friends list.  I don’t care about some damn IGN crap.

Overall, this update was well done and well received.  Congratulations to everyone who worked on it, and hopefully this paves the way for even more innovations in the future.