io9’s Deep-space Probe of the New Star Trek Trailer

In space, no one can hear you yell, Awesome!

In space, no one can hear you yell, "Awesome!"

It is true that some of you don’t care, at all, about the new Star Trek remake that is coming up in May, 2009. Those people are free to do what they want.  Everyone has their own thing, so I won’t hate.  Well, all right, I will hate.  But never, ever, to your face.  To those who do care, peep the io9 trailer-probe up on their website.  It goes into amazing detail about pretty much every inch of it.  We get a good look at the new Sulu, the new Spock, the new Kirk and the uber-sexy Uhura.  Man.  Uhura.  The only way you can not be excited about this movie is if you never had a good childhood, and you spend all your free time watching the Stock Market crumble.  That always sounds more fun that it actually is.