Tonight: Rachael Maddow is Arianna Huffington?

The coolest thing since Oreo Twixs!

The coolest thing since Oreo Twixs!

We here at “Your Life Began Already” love some Rachel Maddow.  She’s cute.  She’s smart.  She’s funny.  She’s gay.  Those are four of the five things I’m looking for in a person.  But, wait!  What?  She’s not gonna be here tonight?  What the hell? And who is this Arianna Huffington chick?  And why is she guest-hosting?

Bill Maher will talk about what effect an Obama White House might have on political satire. Newark mayor Cory Booker will weigh in on the impact the economic crisis is having on America’s inner cities. And’s Nate Silver will crunch the latest numbers in the Alaska, Georgia, and Minnesota Senate races.

Where did Rachel go?  I don’t know what is going on over there at MSNBC, but they need to get their shit together.  We don’t like change.  No.  Not at all.  We’ll tune in anyway, as always.