The Obama Effect: The Bold Approach

Hillary is a bit upset about Barack taking the last Toaster Strudel...

Hillary is a bit upset about Barack taking the last Toaster Strudel...

There are two sides of thinking when it comes to the future of an Obama administration:  He can either be cautious, and just baby-sit the nation for the next few years.  Or, he can be bold, and push through Congress all the amazingly brilliant and risky promises that he made while he was relentlessly stump-speeching.  I think you guys know how I stand, but let’s hear from Washington Post Columnist E. J. Dionne Jr.

These conservatives are trying to stop Obama from pursuing any of the ideas that he campaigned on — universal access to health care, a government-led green revolution, redistributive tax policies, a withdrawal of American troops from Iraq, more robust economic regulation. Their gimmick is to insist that the United States is still a “center-right” country because more Americans call themselves conservative than liberal. What this analysis ignores is that Americans have clearly moved to the left of where they were four, eight or ten years ago.

We didn’t elect Obama to play it save.  We elected him to fight for us. We elected him as our champion.  He shouldn’t want to do it.  He shouldn’t think about doing it.  He has to do it.  He has no choice.  I love the man, I really do.  But I will easily stop supporting him if he acts like the regular Washington bastards I’ve seen the majority of my life.  That said, I know in my heart he won’t be, and isn’t, that type of person.


Bow to Awesome: The Sarah Connor Chronicles Tonight!

Last week, Barack Obama became President.  Tonight, another major event happens for our country.  Tonight, on the Sarah Connor Chronicles, someone dies!  That’s right! All the characters are major, and one of them gets the axe tonight.  The Second season has been leading up to a confrontation between the Connor family and the Terminator sent from the future to kill him.  It has tons of guns, tons of hot chicks, tons of robots and tons of stuff exploding.  It is truly the American television show.  Who doesn’t like Terminator?  Here is one of my favorite scenes from the season opening. Peep it tonight at 8pm.