Election 2000-Ugh: One more day…

Thank God.  Its almost over.

Joe the Plumber is interesting for me on many fronts.  No one likes to say this, but let’s be honest.  Joe is suppose to represent the White-American Male.  He’s the guy who likes sports, who drinks with his buddies, who works his ass off and doesn’t have a college education.  There is absolutely nothing wrong with Joe the Plumber.  Half of my friends are Joe the Plumbers.  And, most of the Joe’s I know are voting for Barrack Obama.  A man is not the sum of his stereotypes.  We are complex and deep individuals.  I can’t count on my fingers how many Black Republicans I know.  My point this morning is simple.  Don’t let anyone put you in a peg-hole.  We are all our own people.  Don’t let a politician turn you into a talking point.  Good morning.