Election 2000-Ugh: Obama’s secret Terrorist Friend

There is a lot of talk about Obama’s associations and who he “Palls” around with.  The YouTube video above hints at a secret friend that the McCain camp knows of, but isn’t talking about.  Now, we at “Your Life Began Already” has the scoop of who exactly this secret known terrorist is.  Peep our exclusive interview after the break.


No, this isnt Satan. But, Im sorry.  Bushs daughters are hot.

No, this isn't Satan. But, I'm sorry. Bush's daughters are hot.

Us: Lucifer, Satan, Morning Star, Beelzebub, thank you for joining us today.

Satan: Thank you for having me.  Good to be here.  Love the site.

Us: Uh…

Satan: Don’t freak out.  I can like good and bad things.

Us: You really should get a publicist.

Satan: I know.  I know.

Us: I know you are busy planning the destruction of the planet and all that.  Let’s get right to it.  Are you this alleged second associate that this McCain supporter is talking about?

Satan: No, of course not.  Listen, I hang out and deal with millions of evil people on a daily basis.  So, that’s nothing special.  I think the McCain camp is referring to a lunch meeting I had with Obama back in 2000.

Us: You had lunch with Barrack Obama?

Satan: Yes.  I offered him the ability to sway people’s minds and get whatever he wanted.  He turned me down because he could do that anyway without my help.  He also said something about “Loving God” and “Being a Moral Person” or some bullshit like that.

Us: So he turned you down?  That’s interesting.

Satan: Well, a lot of people turn me down.  You’d be surprised.  The point is, this is another baseless charge by the Republican party to shore up votes based off fear, racism, and beholden stereotypes.  I’m actually proud of the Republicans.  Bill Ayers, getting Sarah Palin, shouting to kill Obama at rallies.  I’m really impressed.

Us: What do you think of Sarah Palin, since we are on the subject.

Satan: She is what we call a “Complex Christian”.  She is saved by the blood of the Lamb, yet she says some pretty mean stuff.  She is going to be really surprised on Judgment day.

Us: What do you mean?

Satan: I’m just saying.  You can’t act like an ass and expect to get into heaven.  That’s not how it works.  If that was the case, I’d be hanging out up there drinking beers with Jesus all day.  But, whatever. You can’t tell anyone anything.

Us: What are your thoughts about the Election thus far?
Satan: I hope everyone enjoys their last President.  2012.  The Mayan Calendar was right.  That’s all I’m saying.

Us: We’re all out of time.  Thanks again Satan.

Satan: Call me if you want to sell your soul.  The interest-rates are really low right now.

Us: Thanks again, Satan.


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