Un-Best Games of 2008!

Sniff..Sniff...Ew.  Hate..

Sniff..Sniff...Ew. Hate..

There has been some amazing games this year.  There has also been some really, really bad ones.  Here are the Five top games that I couldn’t be bothered with.  Huh?  What’s that smell?  Why, that’s pure HATE!

Metal Gear Solid V:  Snake has a moustache?  And an eye-patch? And a fucking skin-tight suit?  Wait, that’s not an eye-patch?  Then what the fuck is it? And what’s up with a monster with octopus-leg thingys?  And there’s a move you can make that grabs a statues thingy?  And you can do the worm?  Huh?  Metal Gears that are half-cows?  How long are the cut scenes?  What is the story about?  Snake and Liquid Snake and who is the other guy?  Super-solid snake?  I don’t get it.  Is this a video game or a form of torture?  Continue reading


Election 2000-Ugh: The Dying Monster…

Elizabeth Dole has pushed past the pale.  Children and religious believes should be off the table.  This is true desperation and it is the obvious death flings of a dying and horrible monster.  I hope it dies sooner.