The 30-minute Prime-Time Obama message: LIVE! (Updated)

Our Savior! Only $19.95!  But wait! Theres more...

Our Savior! Only $19.95! But wait! There's more...

Here I go, Here I go, Here I go again!  Girls, what’s my weakness? MEN! Ok, then! Wait, huh? I’m sorry.  It’s been a long week.  Anyway, once again a major political event will be taking place tonight.  And, once again, I’ll be live blogging it.  Join when while I type silly comments about the Obama-Infomercial.  The Live blogging will start at 8pm, followed by a living blog of all the after-mercial commentary. Come on!  What else do you have to do tonight?  Its Wednesday! Click on the link below.

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Update: The Live blog is over! Thanks for showing up, and keep supporting Obama!