The 30-minute Prime-Time Obama message: LIVE! (Updated)

Our Savior! Only $19.95!  But wait! Theres more...

Our Savior! Only $19.95! But wait! There's more...

Here I go, Here I go, Here I go again!  Girls, what’s my weakness? MEN! Ok, then! Wait, huh? I’m sorry.  It’s been a long week.  Anyway, once again a major political event will be taking place tonight.  And, once again, I’ll be live blogging it.  Join when while I type silly comments about the Obama-Infomercial.  The Live blogging will start at 8pm, followed by a living blog of all the after-mercial commentary. Come on!  What else do you have to do tonight?  Its Wednesday! Click on the link below.

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Update: The Live blog is over! Thanks for showing up, and keep supporting Obama!

Election 2000-Ugh: You can’t stay clean in a Mud-fight.

Can you handle a half-hour of awesome?

Can you handle a half-hour of awesome?

A half hour of Obama! An entire half an hour of our man making his case to the American people! Tonight! At Eight! On the TV! Some people aren’t excited, like that Hasselbeck chick.

Obviously both sides are trying to run and create image. So if we use this as, so they both have funds and are creating an image, making sure their candidates are where they need to be seen, as they need to be. I find it completely then repulsive to then – if we want to look at spending – see how Barack Obama now is going to spend what $3 million on two thirty minute ads that are going to run this week.

She’s a bitch anyway. Wait, how much does that cost?  How about a butt-ton.  Just in case you didn’t know, Obama and his peeps raised this money by begging for it, instead of taking the money the government allots for campaigning.  McCain took the money, and now he’s capped and can’t earn any more.  How much money does the government give?  Around 89 million. How much has Obama raised?  About 600 million.  And many, many people have a problem with that, like the lovely Campbell Brown.

For this last week, Sen. Obama will be rolling in dough. His commercials, his get-out-the-vote effort will, as the pundits have said, dwarf the McCain campaign’s final push. But in fairness, you have to admit, he is getting there in part on a broken promise.

Yeah, he did promise.  Yeah, he did go back on it.  Yeah, it does suck.  I can’t count how many times I had to go back on my word.  You sit up in bed and think, what is the best thing to do?  I am pretty sure this decision was the first decision that was almost impossible to make.  And, because of it, Obama, hopefully, will be making a whole lot more.