This Week in the Week’s Weekly: Barf-inducing McCain Edition

I might be able to lift my arms, but I can kick your ass!

"I might not be able to lift my arms, but I can kick your ass!"

Are we done yet? No?  Another fucking week! Are you serious?  Come on.  Can’t we just call this one and head back to the house?  I feel like I’ve been out here all day.  Damnit.

So, yeah, the election is still going on. I both want it to end and want it to never stop.  It reminds me of a date I went on once.  Half way into it, I just went to the damn bathroom and never came back.  McCain is still kicking, through.  Like the moron he is, he went on Meet The Press and made a fool of himself.  Note.  If you ever get interviewed, don’t start attacking the interviewer.  It never really goes well.  McCain wasn’t the only stupid white guy on the campaign trail.  Senator Joe Biden pretty much gave talking points to the Republican party for a week straight. I mean, seriously Joe.  Shut the fuck up.

Speaking of shutting up, Governor Sarah Palin can’t seem to do that.  She seems to be on this kick about calling people a “Socialist”.  Twenty dollars says she doesn’t even know what a socialist even is.  Oh, and it was revealed that she spent my ten-year gross income on clothes.  Like, who is surprised by this?  I have a better question: who the hell even cares?  Are we that bored that we have to start digging in the trash can for receipts?  You can come back in the house once you have something worth talking about.

On a much brighter note, the Sarah Connor Chronicles didn’t suck last week, I finished up Dead Space.  On the podcast, me and KP talked about how disappointed he was with FallOut 3. I got a pretty cool book in the mail and the planet didn’t blow up.  Oh, and we almost, kind of, sort of invaded Syria.  Not for real though.  Just for play-play.  Ha! Not funny?  Yeah, I guess World War III isn’t.  Its not all bad.  We always have next friday to look forward to. See you guys next week, I hope.