Election 2000-Ugh: Pick-Pocketing the Election

Steal drugs and tampons, not votes.

Steal drugs and tampons, not votes.

All right, here’s the good news.  The experts and the people that get paid to know this stuff says that McCain is having a hard time out there.  The bad news?  He’s not done yet, and all he has to do is carry Florida, Nevada, North Carolina and turn back Pennsaylvania in order to win.  Barf! We can’t let that happen.  So go vote.  Right now.  Huh?  Yeah, you can vote early, in some states.  Duh!

Information from counties representing more than 90 percent of Nevada’s population show Democrats also holding a commanding advantage in early voter turnout.

There are three reasons why you should vote early.  One, they stole the election in 2000.  Two, they stole the election in 2000.  Three, they will try to steal the election this year.  The polls are going to be insane on election day.  We are talking about lines out the door, people not letting people vote because of different address, I can go on.  Don’t let this happen to you.