Election 2000-Ugh: Way more than 1,000 Words…

Sorry about posting so much about Colin Powell this week.  Acutally, I’m not sorry at all.  Here is the picture that he mentioned last Sunday on Meet the Press. A section of the transcript after the break.

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Upcoming: Portal, Still Alive on the XBLA

The cake isnt really a lie.  Its just really bad for you.

The cake isn't really a lie. Its just really bad for you.

This week, Valve and XBLA are releasing the highly respected and doubly highly awesome game, Portal.  Packaged in the Orange Box last year, Portal is about some chick that has a weird gun on her arm, and she has to open portals to escape experiments and traps.  I really liked this game when I played it.  The puzzles are great, the writing is amazingly clever, and the game makes you re-think how games can be produced and how problem-solving tasks can be tackled.  A number of games have either copied or down-right stolen some of Portal’s aesthetics, such as the wonderful Dead Space.  You can even download it tomorrow for 1200 microsoft points! Wait. Huh?  Is this game worth another playthrough?  I’m not too sure about that.  Once you solve the puzzles, that’s it.  There are extra bonus-levels.  But, the extra levels will lack the cool, catchy writing that was so addictive to begin with.  Still, its nice to have the option.