Watch Terminator: The Sarah Connor Chronicles Tonight!

When robots are trying to kill you, proper grooming is key.

Huh? What?  You say you have no idea what the Sarah Connor Chronicles is?  Well, let me tell you, son!  The this show is probably the coolest show in the history of the planet.  What is it about?  Think of how cool it would be if Terminator 3 never happened and a show started right after Terminator 2.  You get cyborgs, shooting, time travel, and all sorts of other amazing and pretty amazingly impossible stuff.  This season has been a bit slow, but it returns tonight at 8pm on Fox, which is probably the only reason to watch that damn channel.  This week, you get two cyborg chicks going at it, some other stuff, and people shooting guns.  What is cooler than that?  And Lena Headey?  So hot.  Watch it tonight.