The Final Debate, Live Blogged! Live! (Updated)

That looks more painful than it really is.

Once there was a massive battle.  Superman vs. General Zod.  Superman won, because Superman is fucking awesome.  And now we have Obama vs. McCain, round 3.  This is it. The last Debate we’ll ever have. In the world.  Ever.  Don’t be scared.  Trust me!  I’ll be live blogging this amazing and powerful event starting at 9pm.  You should join me.  We all know that Mr. McCain is going to start throwing some major elbows, as CNN has reported.

“I was astonished to hear him say that he was surprised I ‘didn’t have the guts’ to do that, because the fact is, the question didn’t come up in that fashion,” McCain said of the last debate. “I think he’s probably ensured it will come up this time.”

Bring it, you old, mean bastard! Bring up any and everything you want.  Bring up the zits on my ass! We don’t care! We’ll go into this the only way we can: Together.  I’ll let you guys decide who is Superman and who is General Zod.  See you at 9pm sharp.
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(Update: The Live blog is over.  Thanks for playing guys.)