Music: Murs for President

Sadly, good music is rare.  Good hip hop is even rare-er.  But one of our heroes, the rhyming lord Murs, has come out with a mythic, legendary, almost instantaneously timeless album.  If you like hip hop, if you like music, you should cop Mur’s new album, Murs for President.

The album has these amazingly fresh beats, tied together with his unique rhyming style.  He only has one guest, the obvious Cali-native Snoop Dog.  This would seem wrong a few years ago.  But, Snoop Dog has been around so long that he is a main-hip hop staple now and not just a one-hit wonder or a constant funny joke.  Murs for President is showing the hip hop world what good hip hop is, why its good, how its good and showing us all that good hip hop will always be good, will never die, and will shine and triumph over all the sad, silly bullshit that A and R punks keep pumping out all over the damn place.  Buy this album, not just to support an amazing artist, but to support a genre that deserves the respect and love that it constantly earns.  Awesome video of the Awesome single, Lookin’ Fly, after the break.


One thought on “Music: Murs for President

  1. murs is the shit… adambernard put me on to him… crazy talent on that kid…

    one love,
    –reverend manny and the twilight empire

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