Soldjaboy to Xbox Live: Sign up for the Ass-kickings…(Update!)

We at “Your Life Began Already…” have a confession to make.  We do not listen to any music that is played regularly on the radio.  Why not?  Why the hell should we?  But there is a certain young, what’s the word, rapper that has caught our attention.  HIs name?  Soldier-Boy-Tell-Them. Or is it Soljaboitellem?  I’m not sure why a child is a soldier, what he is telling us, or why he is telling us what he is telling us.  And what he’s telling us, all us gamers out there, is that he’ll kick our asses at any Xbox 360 game out there.  Yes.  Any.

Please watch this video and see the following:  His gamerscore that is three times less than anyone’s we know.  Notice how he tosses all his games on the floor.  Why does he do that?  Cause he’s a balla, of course.  See that massive television?  See that amazing white PS3?  Apparently, recessions don’t touch fly-by-night music-dudes.  Are we tempted to find him on Live and take him out?  No.  Why not?  Because chewing on our toenail clippings might be more fun.  No, no, no, we misspoke.  Chewing on our townail clippings WOULD be more fun.  That is a guarantee.  That’s right, Soldja-boy.  You keep telling them.

Update: Oh Shit! The War has started! You gonna take this shit laying down, Solja-hommie? Peep Plastic Spoon calling our man out after the break.