McCain vs. Obama: Round 2 LIVE! (Update)

What will happen?  Will McCain finally give in and call Obama the “N” word?  You know he wants to.  Will Obama loose it and start crying?  Will someone in the audience stand up and punch them both in the face?  And what about Bubba Fett in Return of the Jedi?  Why did he have to die so lame like that?  Get eaten by a sandbeast?  Please.  Oh, I strayed off topic, huh?  I’ll be Live blogging this home slice, so just hit the link below and enjoy.  I promise I will say bad things about McCain and comment about how cool and collected Obama is.  What?  Biased?  Hell, yeah, I’m biased.  You want balanced news, read a newspaper on the bath scale.  Yeah, that makes sense.  Shut up.  The Live blogging starts at 9pm sharp.

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(Update) Ok, guys.  The Liveblogging is over.  We had a great time.  Prepare for the last Liveblogging of the debates next week.  Join in next time!