This Week in the Week’s Weekly: Palin’s a Bitch Edition

I won’t waste too much time.  I hope Sarah Palin and her entire genetic line falls into the ocean and drowns.  There were some debates Thursday and our Man Biden held his end of the bargain.  Much love, and all best with your current loss.  The McCain campaign has stepped up the attacks on the Obama camp, saying that Obama had some contact and some friendship with a dude that works on weather balloons or some bullshit. Here is some advice, my brother: get in front of this.  Don’t let them hit you.  During the debates, let the country know exactly what this relationship was and how it worked.

The Cartoon Network Premiered Star Wars: The Clone Wars.  Its Most-Def a kiddie show, with some action but not like anything from the original animated Clone Wars cartoons that ran a few years ago.  I like it, but we’ll see how they go.

I also sent my absentee ballot out this week.  Nice stuff. I’ll let you guess who I voted for.  And, finally, a little Youtube love, featuring the kickass game that comes out next week.  Have a good monday, you guys.


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