The Debates part Two

I refuse to post anymore pictures of that fucking horrible Palin-Beast, the walking-talking abstraction that makes you squint, or look down a bit because she is so goddamn disgusting.  Maverick.  Reform. Joe-Six Pack.  I’m sorry, but no one stops at a six-pack.  And those dudes that relate to being called Joe-Six pack?  I’d rather not be around them.  Palin represents everything I hate about America in general and Republicans in particular.  We are not that stupid.  We will not be swayed by silly winks, chicks in a business dress, and one-liners like “Drill baby, drill”.  Palin keeps saying she’s a Washington Out-sider.  She can stay outside. I hope to God she never gets inside.  In fact, we should make sure, for the rest of our lives, that she stays outside, as far fucking outside as she can.  You know we haven’t seen the last of her.  You know she’ll be back in four years, a bit older and more insane, screaming about the rights of the average American, even through the average American is brown, broke, and pissed at the the last eight years of Republican domination.

I didn’t even know Joe Biden until the debates.  He is a gem.  He is a diamond in the grass, a found necklace laying buried in the sand.  He is intelligent, bold, passionate, realistic and an actual human being.  You can’t see the circuits in his eyes.  People say he is a politician.  He is.  Would you allow a plumber to build a car?  How about a teacher to guard a prison?  Or a Marine to bake a cake?  You do what you do.  Joe Biden’s answers were real answers.  He said things that could be understood.  No stupid sound bites.  No ubsurd technigues to reach out to the blue collar worker.  He touches all Americans by the sheer nature of his personality.  How could you support the Republican party after this?  After seeing the clear, plasitic sheen on their skin?  After seeing the sickening venom dripping from their teeth, as they stretch their hands towards us, saying the venom tastes wonderful?