The Music: Gza’s Pro Tools

I haven’t had a chance to show my love for this album yet.  I suppose that is the price you pay for being so awesome.  Anyway, the new Gza/Genius album, Pro Tools, continues the trend by this massive artist of rap to show off his skills and one up every lame-o that fronts like they have hip hop talent.  The Gza just knows how to tie the words together, like a ninja knows how to sneak behind someone and stab them in the butt.

Have you ever been stung by a thousand hornets?/ Five hundred killa bees, buzzin’ and really on it/ Whipped with CUBAN LINX, cut with LIQUID SWORDS /Choked by IRONMEN ’til we crush your vocal cords./ You ain’t nothin’ but a pig in a blanket/ Hoghead, the deadliest food at the banquet./ All this rap crap that’s trapped in your colon/ Only means, get rid of the wack sh– ya holdin’

How does he come up with lines like that?  Just trying to understand it makes my head hurt.  The album isn’t without its flaws.  It lacks the underlying brilliance of Liquid Swords or the amazing production value of Grandmasters.  But it does offer one punch after the other, making you admire and respect the lush and wonderful history and art that the Wu-Tang has given us over the years.  I can’t think of any other MC that can deliver lines like the Gza.  He rhymes effortlessly, as if to do anything other than be amazing would cause the entire world to collaspe.  If you haven’t already, take a listen.