Election 2000-Ugh: You can put lipstick on a pig, but it doesn’t mean she knows when to shut up.

It is being said, mostly by the McCain Campaign, that Governor Sarah Palin isn’t like those “East Coast Media Jerks.”  She’s like you and me.  Exactly like you and me.  Like me?  She likes eating doughnuts in bed and stealing dude’s girls too?  Look at that picture! I don’t look nothing fucking like that!

Alaska Gov. Sarah Palin portrayed herself Tuesday as a champion of everyday people while noting her family’s stock portfolio took a $20,000 hit last week “It’s time that normal Joe Six-pack American is finally represented in the position of vice presidency,” the Republican vice presidential candidate told radio talk show host Hugh Hewitt. Palin said if she and John McCain win, they will “put government back on the side of the people of Joe Six-pack like me.” Palin said she and her husband, Todd, have been affected by the economic downturn. “I know what Americans are going through,” she said a day after a record 778-point plunge on Wall Street. “Todd and I, heck, we’re going through that right now even as we speak, which may put me again kind of on the outs of those Washington elite who don’t like the idea of just an everyday, working-class American running for such an office.”

You know what?  I don’t want regular Joe-Six-Pack to run the country.  I don’t want the guy down the street to be the President, the Vice-President, the motherfucking mayor.  I don’t even want a regular guy that I know to be my janitor.  Mr. Joe Six-Pack doesn’t have a brain in his head.  He doesn’t know how to balance his check-book, let alone how to be a leader.  I don’t want to vote for someone “Like me.”  I don’t even like me.  I want someone who can answer a question without saying something stupid, someone who knows that the media does what the media does best: Attacks the weakest until they bleed out.  Sadly, Sarah Palin is taking to long too die off…