This Week in the Week’s Weekly: The Economy Edition

This Week in the Week’s Weekly, the Economy revealed itself to be weak sauce, resulting in a need for an amazing and incredibly non-real 700 Billion dollar bail out.  Wait, what?  The government doesn’t have that much money?  Well, where the hell do we get it?  What?  We just add an extra zero we already owe ourselves?  Shit, while you’re at it, buy me a lunch.  A new car, too, since its fake money.  The Economic crisis is hard to understand.  I’ll summarize.  People go loans for house that shouldn’t have, and now no one can pay there mortgages and banks are going out of business.  Want a loan?  Guess what.  You’ll have to jump through so many hops from now-on that you’ll probably forget why you wanted a loan in the first place.  Welcome back to reality.  You can take the room on the left.

Also this week were the debates! Did Obama win?  Did McCain?  I don’t really feel I can answer that question.  I did learn one thing.  I don’t like McCain as a person.  When a person doesn’t look at the other guy in a debate, at all, for 90 minutes, something is truly wrong there.  We’ll see how it all goes down.  Obama might could have been a little less cool, but let’s have some real talk.  The man with the Coolest head is always the one who wins out.  Always.  No one likes a stress-out asshole.

Also, Governor of the Alaska Country, Sarah Palin, made a complete ass of herself on national television.  Again.  Originally, I thought she would fake an illness or say there was a “retard emergency” or something and opt out of the debate this Thursday.  Now it looks like she is going to go through with it.  Either she steps her game up or 50 million people are going to watch the funniest, most embarrassing public display since a Timberlake popped Janet Jackson’s booby out.  Does anyone even remember that?  God, that was really funny.

And finally, and sadly, Paul Newman passed away.  Here is the best tribute I can give.  Here’s hoping this week was better than last week.  Be safe out there.