The Debates.

There is a ton of stuff we can talk about.  I think Senator John McCain did what he thought he would.  He talked about the economy and he talked about the world as if he knows all of it.  There was a lot of emotion coming from McCain tonight.  We didn’t see much of that from my man, Obama.  He is cool as a cucumber, as always.  Maybe a little TOO cool.  But, Obama looked directly him in the eyes.  McCain didn’t.  Obama held his own with foreign policy.  McCain looked pissed, in more than one instance.  This matters for many reasons.  If you like Obama, you love him now.  If you loved him, you are amazingly proud of him.  I don’t want McCain as President, not while he acts like he keeps acting.  McCain avoided talking about real ways to move past our energy problems.  He avoided talking about health care.  He thinks diplomacy is only used for your friends.  We’ll see how the big news boys feel.  I, personally, want Obama in office more than ever now.  He might not do all he says.  He might not do half of what he ways.  But if he does even one thing that he says, that’s good enough for me.