The Jarvis Slacks Podcast, Number 2

This week, I talk about the following: Reflector bicycle straps for pants legs, David Letterman attacks the McCain, music in the middle of television episodes, and the amazing movie skills of the Beouf!  I also say “Um” a lot, but not as much as last time.  And, of course, I do it all for you.  Leave comments and enjoy.

The Jarvis Slacks Podcast number 2


2 thoughts on “The Jarvis Slacks Podcast, Number 2

  1. even though your podcasts are just random jarvis thoughts i’m really excited that you do them because now i can listen to you and feel slightly like i’m back in 201 or 207. which leads me to this question: how’s the teachin’, Professor Slacks?

  2. Look for a Facebook email shorty. As for the podcast, it will be less random in the future. I’ll stick to drinking coffee during the taping and not luke-warm whiskey…

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