Election 2000-Ugh: In The Worst Ways Possible…

I’m really, really sick of this motherfucker and his bullshit.

I’m sick of tricks.  Aren’t we all sick of the tricks?  There are two sides to this.  Obama trying to reach out to McCain does have political implications.  Obama wanted to show everyone that he, too, was above the politics and could move past them.  He wanted to show us something, which means he was thinking politically.  McCain then goes one step further.  He says he wants to suspend, SUSPEND, a Presidential Campaign in order to help fix this mess. That means Obama can’t have fundraisers, rallies, or show commercials until McCain says so. Half of us don’t even know what the fuck this Wall Street mess is.  We just know that people lost money, and we have to pony up, for some reason.  McCain wants to postpone debates, debates that we’ve all looked forward to for months.  Everyone has been waiting to see the two of them go at it on stage.  Well, let me help you out.  You don’t have to wait anymore.  On my left, you have Obama.  He pulls some bullshit, like all of us.  He wants to be President, which automatically means we shouldn’t trust him.  But there is something different about the guy, something that will make us hold him to his promises.  Then, on the right, we have McCain, who choose his VP in order to get votes.  He changed his platform when it wasn’t working.  He slung more mud in less time than anyone in recent memory.  He hid Palin in the back of the room unless someone wanted to get a fucking picture of her.  And, finally, he suspended his campaign and asked Obama to do the same just when Obama’s poll numbers see a double-digit lead.  And he wants us to vote for him.  He wants to lead this country.  He wants us to trust him.  I said this four years ago, I’m saying it now. A line is drawn in the sand.  You are either with us or against.  And, so help me, when the dust is clear and the votes are tallied, trust us.  Payback.  In the worst way possible.