Election 2000-Ugh: Why We Hate Republicans

We don’t hate them.  We don’t hate anyone.  We just prefer not being around them, if we can help it.  I mean, we have plenty of friends that are, you know, Republicans.   These people tend to make more money than we do.  Or, they grew up in a conservative household.  They were taught to fear God, to go hunting, to marry within the same race and to not only eat meat, but sort of parade the meat around the living room after they got it from the store.  Look, family!  Look!  It is red meat!  It has died for us!  Just like Jesus!

These people eventually went to college, and they had a slight homosexual experience.  Or they finally understood evolution because someone bothered to explain it to them.  They figured out that poor people tend to have a rough life and that just because you are pro-choice doesn’t mean you are pro-baby killing.  They have all these amazing moments, where the conservative thoughts don’t mix with the liberal-college realizations.  And we get a beer with these people and we think, hey, you know, you were a dick.  But you’re not anymore.  We were worried.

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