Swedish scientist push button, blow up planet

Good Morning.  And now, the end of the world.  No.  Really.  From Rueters:

The Large Hadron Collider, or LHC, will use giant magnets housed in cathedral-size caverns to fire beams of energy particles around a 27-km (17-mile) tunnel where they will smash together near the speed of light. Computers will analyze particles given off for clues to what happened at the Big Bang.

Some people, a lot of people actually, believe that smashing these particles together might create “Mini” black holes. Black Holes are gravitational sink-wells that are so powerful that they suck in light.  And everything else.  The creators of the Large Hardon Collider have said many times that this is impossible, it can’t happen, no way, no how.

I once was at a friends house.  He built a tree house.  We fit five people up there.  I asked if it was strong enough to hold five people.  He said, yes, of course.  Then a support beam broke and we were all hanging from tree limbs, laughing.  My private space shuttle leaving earth departs tonight at midnight.  Don’t be late.


T:SCC Season 2 Impressions

I have a problem.  I love, LOVE, Terminator: The Sarah Connor Chronicles.  Like you, I thought this was the stupidest idea that anyone ever thought up.  Then it went up on Hulu.com.  Then I watched the first episode.  Then I made a pizza and watched all the other episodes back-to-back.  There are many and multiple reasons why I love the show.  If you want, you should go buy the first season on DVD.  Also, if you want, you can read my impressions of the premiere of the second season.  Also, if you want, you can completely ignore me and read some other blog.  But, come on, seriously.  You know you have nothing but love for me.  Wait.  Wait! Hang on! Spoilers Ahead!

So, what the hell is this show even about?  Well, the Sarah Connor Chronicles takes back up where Terminator 2 ended.  Terminators are here to kill John Connor.  John Connor leads a group of rebels against Robots that dropped the bombs on the world and took it all over.  John Connor from the future sent dudes here to fight for the future, like John Connor’s uncle, and also sent a good Terminator, named Cameron.  Summer Glau is hot.  Let’s move on.  Continue reading