Election 2000-ugh: In Fear of the Religiously Bored…

I want to be straight here.  I hate Sarah Palin.  I think she is a walking retarde (opps) that needs to stop having so many babies (opps) and has a really horrible Alaskan accent (oh damn!).  But, this current story ran by CNN bothers me.  The video story, which you can view here, shows clips of a church video promoting some sort of retreat.  Like, come to Alaska and learn about God stuff.  However, CNN hacked the video apart, and other parts of another video with Sarah Palin, to make it look like they are this radical religious group, hell bent on making Alaska a bunker for when the bombs drop.  You can see the actually Wasilla video here.

First, you can’t paint a picture this way.  Sarah Palin is a radical religious nut?  Hey.  Guess what.  Anyone who believes in any religion is a little bit crazy.  I don’t trust anyone who makes serious decisions based on a book written a billion years ago by some dudes, ordered by some King Dude, translated from old stories hidden under straw beds.  Give me a break. Sorry if I hurt feelings, but this is the way I sort of see it.  Most religious beliefs deal with death, the fear of death, and where you go when you die.  If we didn’t die, I doubt we would be very religious.  Plus, and this is very important, a person’s believes are no one’s business.  At.  All.

CNN makes the point that people from the church may, “Speak in Tongues”, which is a form of pray.  I don’t care about how someone prays.  It is like bitching about the way a person walks, or if they are left handed or right handed.  As long as they don’t hurt others, it doesn’t matter. I don’t have the same believes as most people, even Barack Obama.  I don’t have to believe what he believes.  But I agree with his politics, and the way the country needs to fix itself.  It doesn’t matter to me what religion a person is, as long as their believes don’t interfere with their job.


If McCain became President, and then died because he is old, and Palin became President and then sent troops to Brazil because God told her too, that would be a problem.  If she decided that black and latino’s were evil because God told her to, that would be a problem.  If she built a nuke bunker under the Alaskan sea-shelf because of God’s well, then we’d have a problem.  But how do we judge her based on what we “think” she “might” do. So weird.

CNN is damaging itself by running news like this.  It makes CNN look like they are on a witch hunt.  Millions of people are Christians. Most of them are good people.  Some of them are jerks.  Just like the rest of us.  We shouldn’t care, and we can’t use the religion stick as a way to attack politics we don’t agree with.  It is bad, foul reporting, and CNN should know better.

This is partly the McCain Campaign’s fault, by not being very open with the press.  It is the media’s job to look for something to report.  If you don’t give them something, they’ll just start digging into your closet.  This also reinforces my political decision.  I don’t want a President who thinks the media are annoying, or that they aren’t worth talking to.  However, the media should know the difference between news worth reporting, and information that doesn’t, or shouldn’t, have a bearing in our political process.


One thought on “Election 2000-ugh: In Fear of the Religiously Bored…

  1. McCain and Palin are good, decent people.
    So are Obama and Biden.
    There is, though one glaring difference.
    McCain/Palin want to continue the Iraq war.
    Obama/Biden want to end it.

    I want to discuss something Republicans REALLY love: Money.

    Estimates are that just under 100,000 people have been killed in Iraq.

    Cost estimate: $3 TRILLION final, $1 TRILLION spend so far

    COST TO US: between $10 and $30 million per terrorist!

    Ya know, I just don’t think we’re getting our money’s worth, Aye?!!
    Do you? I say we END THIS WAR!

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