Why I’m Voting for Barack Obama

For a few months, I wasn’t going to vote.  Really.  There was no point in it.  I sort of still think that.  You know, the whole “Electoral College” thing sort of makes me go soft.  Plus, the Al Gore theft and the outright Kelly defeat made me sad and deflated.  All that, plus seeing a completely and totally unable retard-moron on camera all the time just made me angry.  I didn’t want to vote because I didn’t want to be apart of the process.  I wanted absolutely nothing to do with it.

Then this guy.  Barack Obama.

I never saw the speech in 2004.  I didn’t really care.  Plus, I was busy.  Doing something.  But I heard his name and I saw his face.  Who is this young buck?  What’s he going to do?  Then, watch out, he’s running for President.  I had the exact same reaction that everyone else had.  White people won’t vote for a black man.  I absolutely thought that.  It won’t happen.  America isn’t ready to see a brown face on their television screens, giving them the what what.  No way.  Something changed in me, however, a few months ago.  I was house sitting for a friend of mine, watching his television, and Obama came on the screen.  He was talking to the National Latino Convention or something.  I don’t remember.  They were asking him questions and he was answering them.  And then, he made a joke.  Before a question, he made a joke. He made a funny joke.  He wasn’t changing his accent.  He was just being…normal.  He came up on my radar.  But let’s not get carried away.

Before you start slinging praise, you should know me by now.  I don’t trust anyone.  Period.  I have amazing friends, yes.  I trust them.  But you have to be an amazing friend to me for years, almost a decade, before I give you that trust.  Everyone else, especially a politician, can go die in a ditch.  I really don’t have time for it.  Me becoming interested in Obama doesn’t mean he got my vote.  It means he got my attention.  I decided to witness the other side.  I watched both Obama and McCain at a Christian trap laid skillfully by some religious dude (I don’t trust preachers, either), and I watched Obama fail against him.  Pro-choice and gay rights don’t do too well against a person that believes Homosexuals burn in hell.  McCain shined, however.  He is a good speaker and he’s not an idiot.  He also doesn’t believe what I believe.

Here is what I believe.  I believe that it is hard for poor people to get on their feet.  I believe we are going to have a real, horrible energy crisis in twenty years.  I believe that every living person should be able to have a life long commitment with whom ever they want, and that the government should legally recognize that.  I believe a woman’s body is her body, and she can do whatever the fuck she wants with it.  I believe that the Iraq war was President Bush and Vice President Cheney’s creation and they should have to stand trail for their crimes.  I think the current President of France has done more for Middle East peace in a month than we have in six years.  I believe that this world is worse than it has been in decade.

Voting for Obama isn’t voting for the future of the world.  But I do think that Obama will have more pressure to deliver on his promises.  He knows what people are expecting of him.  For McCain, it would just be the end of a line, a good thing to say he did, four years of yelling at terrorist and then sending troops somewhere.

Do I think my vote matters?  Hell no.  But I’m going to do it anyway.  So I can say I did it.  And if McCain does win, I’ll be able to say that old saying that we all love to boost in the South.  “I didn’t Vote for him.”

Plus, I mean, seriously, its time for this.  It has been time.  This is 2008.  America is so behind the rest of the world in every sense of the world.  We think we are the “A” game.  We aren’t.  We think the rest of the world is jealous of us.  They aren’t.  We think we lead the world.  We don’t.  There are two types of people.  Ones that want things to stay the same, and ones that want something different.  The ones that keep things the same are safer, more content, and richer.  But the ones who want something different always struggle.  And they always, always, are rewarded for it.