Babies Crying gets noticed. And now, sports…

Fresh from the BBC (British Buttocks Coalition), a new studio that explains absolultely nothing:

Mothers who give birth naturally are more responsive to the cry of their baby than those who choose to have a Caesarean, American research suggests. Brain scans on 12 new mothers soon after birth found more activity in areas linked to motivation and emotions in those who had a vaginal delivery. The Yale University team says differences in the hormones generated by birth could be the key. The women in this study were those who elected to have a Caesarean.There is no doubt that many women who have a caesarean turn out to be wonderful mothers. Professor James Walker Royal College of Obstetricians and Gynaecologists. The contractions which are an essential part of a natural birth trigger the release of the hormone oxytocin, which is thought to play a key role in shaping maternal behaviour. However, undergoing a Caesarean does not trigger the same release of hormones.

If you push something the size of a basketball through a hole in your body the size of a coffee cup, there might be some feelings involved.  Just saying.

Update:  Some people, like two, are upset about the “coffee cup” metaphor.  May I remind you that coffee cups come in different sizes.  The idea is, a baby’s head is huge.  And a woman’s vagina is small.  So, yeah.  I think we are done here?  Cause I’m getting a bit light headed, actually.