The Games: Castle Crashers

This is a game that stayed completely off my radar.  There are two reasons for this.  One, I loved the previous Behemoth game, Alien Hominoid.  But, honestly, it is a very hard game.  And I had no one to play with.  It wasn’t online enabled, so it was like I was enjoying a game that felt like it needed other people to help with.  Castle Crashers has, thankfully, fixed that mistake.  You can play it online through Xbox Live and, let me tell you, it is an amazing experience.

First, the game.  You are a little dude that goes around and hits things.  You have some magic, but that’s it.  If you ever played Streets of Rage or TMNT: The Arcade game, then you know what I mean.  Wave upon wave of baddy charges towards you and you have to swing and dodge as best you can.  These games are amazing because that don’t take as much thought as other games.  Geometry Wars 2 has you looking at a billion different things and making really quick decisions.  Castle Crashers isn’t as stressful and more tuned towards the fun.  But, trust me, this game is more than just button mashing.

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Election 2000-Ugh: The Answers always “C”

That’s McCain’s VP pick.  No, not the dude.  No, not the little girl.  The other little girl.  Alaska’s Governor, Sarah Palin.  Who gives a FUCK about Alaska?  A special exercise today, children.  In the photo above, circle the people in the crowd that believe in the following:

A: Abortion

B: Stem Cell research

C: An Amendment making Slavery legal again.

Take your time.