Election 2000-Ugh: Boring

This picture is, of course, not from America.  It is from India, where people are protesting for the independence of Kashmir from the Indian Government.  We in America don’t do that.  We don’t burn cars and wear masks and chant and protest.  They’ll put us in jail for that.  And we can’t go to jail.  We have to go to work in the morning, so we can buy that new hybrid so we can pretend that we are taking care of the environment.  Do I sound negative this morning?  Sorry.  I woke to the sound of yet another roommate arriving, who just had to wash clothes at eight in the morning.  We all know that dirty socks smell even worse unless you wash them before noon.  Anyway, from the New York Times:

Mr. Obama has received overwhelming support from black voters, many of whom believe he will help bridge the nation’s racial divide. But even as they cheer him on, some black scholars, bloggers and others who closely follow the race worry that Mr. Obama’s historic achievements might make it harder to rally support for policies intended to combat racial discrimination, racial inequities and urban poverty.

They fear that growing numbers of white voters and policy makers will decide that eradicating racial discrimination and ensuring equal opportunity have largely been done. “I worry that there is a segment of the population that might be harder to reach, average citizens who will say: ‘Come on. We might have a black president, so we must be over it,’ ” said Mr. Harrison, 59, a sociologist at Howard University and a consultant for the Joint Center for Political and Economic Studies here. “That is the danger, that we declare victory,” said Mr. Harrison, who fears that poor blacks will increasingly be blamed for their troubles. “Historic as this moment is, it does not signify a major victory in the ongoing, daily battle.”

Ugh.  Shut the fuck up.