Television: Terminator, The Sarah Connor Chronicles

Its not my fault! I blame! I mean, one minute I thought the entire idea of a episodic Terminator was complete horrible.  How can they make a television show about that?  Then I understood the formula.  Put two hot women in the show, a young stud dude, the black FBI agent and, uh, a bunch of Terminators and you pretty much have what Americans like.  We like Terminator because we, deep down, want a future where we have to struggle and fight.  We want that.  Seriously.  If something is too easy, we get mad about it.  How dare you not have debt! How dare you not work a forty-hour week! We like the fight.  And that’s pretty much what Terminator is all about, fighting.  It helps that the acting isn’t horrible, and that the characters and the stories are pretty smart.  They made the right decision, ignoring the events in Terminator 3.  Don’t hate on it so easy.  I know you secretly want too.  Just watch one show.  Just one episode.  I promise you’ll be hooked.  Yep, a girl as a Terminator rises tons of gender issues.  And, yep, I don’t care.