The Games: Star Wars: The Force Unleashed

I’ve always wondered why Jedi’s and the Sith were so shy about showing off their force powers.  Why not throw a car around?  Or the bad guys?  Why do they just keep hitting stuff with their lightsabers? (Side note: I was sixteen before I knew that a lightsaber wasn’t called a “Lifesaver”.  I know.  I know.)  The demo of Star Wars: The Force Unleashed has decided to address this problem by giving players the power of the force to use as little or as much as you want.  But you’ll want to use it.  Oh yes you will.

The game details what happens between Star Wars Episode 3 and Episode 4.  It seems that Darth Vader had an apprentice, a secret apprentice that Darth Vader’s Master didn’t know about.  And the Apprentice, nicknamed Starkiller, is very powerful. And he’s really ticked off for some reason. He’s got a emo-hair cut and everything.

The game gives you the powers almost effortlessly.  Each button does something different. A to jump.  B to force push.  X to weild the lightsaber.  Y for force lightening.  One trigger button blocks and the other uses the “force grip”.  This lets you pick up anything and toss it around.  And I mean anything.  There are so many things you can pick up and toss around.  It will be all you do.  The entire game is just a huge playground where you can just mess around.

Because of the sandbox nature of the gameplay, you sort of forget that you are in a combat situation.  When the battles get high pitched, you sort of panic. What do I do?  What do I use?  For example, Tie Fighters were flying past me, shooting at me.  I hit the force grip and searched around.  The columns can bend!  I bent on and the next Tie Fighter slammed into it, exploding. I didn’t have to do it.  But it made me jump up and down.  What else can I mess with?

The only thing I hated about the demo is the quick time end boss battle.  I hate quick-time battles.  All I want to do is beat the hell out of something.  I don’t want to do what the game wants me to do.  There are plenty of toys in this game.  Why have a quick-time battle?  Hopefully, there won’t be too many.  All in all, this demo just made me bad yet another game.  I guess that’s why they made credit cards.