The Games: Galaga Legions

Galaga Legions is a good game.  But it isn’t a great game.  Coming out on the Xbox Live Market Place for $10 bucks, you’d think that it was the PERFECT game.  Not the case.  Several things hold it back.  Wait, let me do the good.  The game is fast paced and frantic.  But it makes sense.  When you die, you know without a shadow of a doubt how you die.  The game tells you where the bad guys are going to come from, and how they are going to move.  If you mess that up, you deserve to die.  The odds are stacked against you, is what I’m saying.  Geometry Wars 2 is a game where, if you survive, there is some luck involved.  I’m not sure if that makes Geometry Wars 2 a better game.  If I explode, I sort of like the idea of blaming someone besides me.

I’m horrible at games like this, though.  Which sort of makes me mad, since I bought the damn thing.  Is it worth the money? Sure.  I like these arcade games.  And, unlike Geometry Wars 2, I get the feeling that I can improve my skills with Galaga Legions.  I can place my satellites in the right place, make sure I move in a certain pattern.  We’ll see.  But this game is not for everyone, and isn’t nearly as good as some other Arcade games out there.  But, can you really have too many games to waste your time with?  Don’t answer that.