The Reads: Dave Egger’s How We Are Hungry

I’m a new fan of Dave Eggers, but I am a fan.  There is something about his language, the way he manipulates the words around to generate an emotion, a rare emotion that he is in completely command of.  He does what every writer wants to do with words: whatever he wants.  Some of the stories in How We Are Hungry are a bit long, dull, and over-wrought.  What is that?  You’d like a sample?  Sure.

To Pilar’s left came three small sharks, striped, built like jets.  They were headed for her.  She was calm and knew she could make it safely.  She pointed her head toward the shore and with her flippers gave the sharks a flurry of waved good byes, the fins like handkerchiefs in a breeze.  Close to shore she stood in the warm shallows, feet slipping over the mossy rocks, and looked for Hand.  He wasn’t anywhere.  She wanted him not to be attacked by sharks.  She wanted to sit on him, on his island, facing the sunset-it was all the colors of a bloody wound.