Election 2000-Ugh: I got your Offshore Drilling right here…

From CNN this morning:

McCain traveled to a Chevron oil rig dubbed the Genesis near New Orleans, Louisiana, in the Gulf of Mexico to deliver his attack on Sen. Barack Obama. The presumptive Republican presidential nominee’s earlier trip to a rig was canceled because of weather.

“Sen. Obama opposes new drilling,” McCain said. “He has said it will not ‘solve our problem’ and that ‘it’s not real.’ He’s wrong, and the American people know it,” McCain said.

Obama said this month he would reconsider his opposition to additional offshore drilling if more drilling was part of an overall plan to lower energy costs.

McCain argues that the law banning additional offshore drilling must be lifted to help find a solution to high energy prices.

“New drilling has to be part of our energy solution. It will not solve this problem alone. Alternative energy will not solve this problem alone. Conservation will not solve this problem alone. Solving our energy crisis requires an ‘all of the above’ approach,” McCain said.

“It will require aggressive development of alternative energies like wind, solar, tidal and biofuels. It also requires expanding traditional sources of energy like clean coal, nuclear power and offshore drilling like that done on this rig.”

Think of it like this.  We know that the oil is going to run out one day.  We know that.  The oil reserves are there so, when the oil starts runnning out, we’ll have something for a little while.  Think about it in the worst way.  When the oil supplies in Russia and the Middle East are tapped, no on will be driving cars or flying plans.  The governments of the world will lock that shit down and we are all going to be riding bikes and walking home, cutting down trees for fire wood and finding shade in the winter.  That’s the truth.  Are the oil supplies tapped yet?  No.  So should we dig into our reserves.  No.  This sounds very familiar to me.  There was a president not long ago who was damned and determined to go to Iraq.  I wonder why he did that?  And why does McCain want to tap those oil reserves so badly?


The Reads: Dave Egger’s How We Are Hungry

I’m a new fan of Dave Eggers, but I am a fan.  There is something about his language, the way he manipulates the words around to generate an emotion, a rare emotion that he is in completely command of.  He does what every writer wants to do with words: whatever he wants.  Some of the stories in How We Are Hungry are a bit long, dull, and over-wrought.  What is that?  You’d like a sample?  Sure.

To Pilar’s left came three small sharks, striped, built like jets.  They were headed for her.  She was calm and knew she could make it safely.  She pointed her head toward the shore and with her flippers gave the sharks a flurry of waved good byes, the fins like handkerchiefs in a breeze.  Close to shore she stood in the warm shallows, feet slipping over the mossy rocks, and looked for Hand.  He wasn’t anywhere.  She wanted him not to be attacked by sharks.  She wanted to sit on him, on his island, facing the sunset-it was all the colors of a bloody wound.