The Movies: Stepbrother

Stepbrother is a funny movie.  Kind of.  Its funny like all fart jokes and sex jokes.  These things will always be funny, and never, ever stop being funny.  Why?  Well, we can talk about how taboo topics will always generate a laughter, but I really don’t feel like it.  Let’s just say, we live in a pretty decent world, morally, and when farts and sex jokes stop being funny, then we will have a problem.  But, these types of movies are starting to show their age.  Will Pharrell movies use to be the best thing going.  Now this Knocked Up fellow, the guy who makes those flicks, is on top of the hell.  Mostly because he searches the problems of middle twenty/early thirty type people.  Our problems are mildly funny to old folks and really funny to use.  They aren’t funny to children at all.  But kids will laugh at Stepbrother win two forty year old men beat the crap out of a bunch of children in a playground.  It is funny because you aren’t supposed to do it.  But take Knocked Up, were a guy gets a girl accidently pregnant.  Its funny for the exact same reason.  But it is only funny to peope who almost or have accidently gotten a girl pregnant.  Old people don’t care about that stuff anymore and children have no idea what we are talking about. Stepbrother might be the last movie of its kind, using sex and balls and farts to push a comedy forward.  We’ll have to wait and see…


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