The Games: Geometry Wars 2

The new Geometry Wars is a stroke of genius.  I think the first Geometry Wars was art work, was a sure sign that video games can be artful and amazing.  Geometry Wars 2 is more like a very refined, very tooled remake.  Sort of like if you look at a sound rig set up and think, this could be better.  Man, that is a really weird metaphor.  Anyway, Geowars2 has the original mode, plus five new ones.  The best are Deadline, where you have unlimited lives and a time limit, King where you have to move from safe zones, and the remake of Waves, where the enemies come in patterns.  The game looks better, feels better, sounds way better and is just really, really fun to play.  The ten dollar price tag is really obnoxious, but worth the price.  Its funny.  If the game were half the price, they would sell twice as many copies.  That is a little retail trick that I hope game-makers can latch onto.