Aren’t Jokes suppose to be funny?

The majority of people that read the New Yorker can, in fact, read.  Most people that read the New Yorker are progressive people, people who understand that this world can’t continue to be the same.  Hell, the New Yorker is named after New York City, the greatest city in the world, filled with people who, I hope, understand that our government needs an overhaul.  So why do we have this cover?  I’ve heard rumors that this is a satire, that the New Yorker is criticizing people who actually think Obama is a militant fiend bent on world destruction.  So, instead of having a cover that might help this new movement, the movement of putting into office a man that isn’t a complete moron, we have this cover.  A cover that reaffirms fears and mocks a man and a group of people that want to make our country at least a little better.  This magazine is suppose to be the end all for writers.  If you make it into the New Yorker, you’ve won basically.  I don’t read the New Yorker much.  I won’t be reading it at all anymore.


2 thoughts on “Aren’t Jokes suppose to be funny?

  1. i think you should probably watch the daily show clip about this cover

    i agree with obama’s reaction, “Well, I know it was the “New Yorker’s” attempt at satire. I don’t think they were entirely successful with it.”

    however, i reiterate, you should also take a gander at the jon stewart’s take on the situation

    aside from that mumbojumbo, you know the first thing i noticed about this cover — the new yorker is $4.50?! jesus

    that’s probably a better reason not to read it anymore

  2. that’s because he is now THE MAN. New Yorker always hates THE MAN, even when it is THEIR man. These people are really confused right now. Their counterculture identitiy is under assault by his success.

    It’s like when the band The Killers became famous. All the sissie emo bitches liked them, but as soon as drunken frat boys started packing in stadiums to see them, they were no longer en vogue. Move on to the next unpopular thing you hope never becomes popular, so you can say “If Obama was President, my life wouldn’t suck so much.” Well now he’s going to win, and their life will still suck but will have no one to blame anymore.

    Now that Obama is THE MOTHAFUCKIN MANG, they have nothing to bitch about, so they do something to get your attention. it worked.

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