The Dark Knight: David S. Goyer

The Dark Knight is very, very quickly coming to our door in hopes of knocking it down.  I’ve decided to do some Dark Knight posts, once a day, until the movie opens.  It is more to get me hyped up and less for you.  Sorry.  The first thing I want to take about is David S. Goyer, one of the writers of the movie. 

He didn’t touch the screen play.  That is Christopher Nolan all the way.  But Goyer has had much and many hands in the Dark Knight, among other movies.  He helped write Batman Begins, alll the Blade Movies, and one of my most favorite movies of all time, Dark City.  The guy is good.  But the guy is also bad.  He wrote Jumper.  Ugh.  Blade: Trinity was horrible.  He is also working on the upcoming Flash and Xmen: Origins movies, which Im not excited about at all.

I don’t think Goyer is a very good director.  If you want Blade: Trinity, then you know he doesn’t have much control, doesn’t really know how to hype up a story using subtle techniques.  Still, when his stories are tied to a great director, his writing shines.  Blade 1 and 2 are decent, with problems.  But I can watch them all the way through.  We all know the brilliance of Batman Begins.  Even then, though, there is a bit of Goyer coming out at the third act.  His hand is a bit heavy.  There is less hard and more giant cars and explosions.  The same thing happens in Dark City.  There is a massive battle, as opposed to a gentle realization that might cause us to love the character more.

We’ll have to wait and see how the Dark Knight does.  If you look at the reviews, then you know it might be one of the greatest movies ever made.  But the Goyer forumla is very recognizable.  It will be interesting doing some comparing and contrasting on opening night.