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Xbox Live Arcade is one of those things that you appreciate, but hardly ever use.  Yes, they release some amazing games, like Puzzle Quest, Street Fighter Puzzle, Geometry Wars, and etc.  But most of the games on the Arcade lack the depth of stronger and more expensive retail games.  And almost all of them are remakes of games from years past.  However, Rez HD is this rare beast that completely destroys the competition, and makes retail games with all the hype and flash seem pale and boring in comparison.

Rez HD is the High Definition remake of Rez, the Dreamcast classic.  The original Rez was hard to find for some, even though it got amazing reviews.  This new version has all the power and class of the original, with HD flare and 5.1 flash, with bonus extras!
Rez HD is part shooter, part beat game.  It’s a rail shooter, so you aim and lock onto targets, shooting and blowing them up.  That’s it.  But, there is music and a beat to it.  The better you keep the beat, the more points you get and the more power-ups.  Yes, it sounds simple.  But the level design, combined with the music and the game play makes for some amazing, truly amazing gaming experiences.  And Rez HD is hard.  So very hard.  The game will adapt to you.  You can play the same level, back to back.  But the level will change and adjust to your skill level.  The longer you play Rez HD, the harder the game becomes.

And yes, Rez HD has score attack, unlockable levels, impossible achievements and everything else that makes for an amazing game.  There is no down side.  There is nothing to be afraid of.  It is, hands down, the best ten dollars you will ever spend on a game.  The only problem is trying to beat your best friends score, and knowing when to stop and finally go to bed.


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