The Movies: The Incredible Hulk

A lot of us were burned by the first Hulk movie. We thought we were getting something amazing. Ang Lee is a great director. But, I think something has to be said about a Foreign director directing something horribly American. I wouldn’t want Speilberg to direct a kung-fu movie. He wouldn’t know the first thing about it. But Ang Lee can do it anytime he wants. That’s why this new Hulk fits, and works. Some places it falls apart. But others, we get the sense that the movie is working on the proper levels. But, those proper levels might be the root of a larger problem cooking under the service. SPOILER ALERT! I’ll be ruining the movie after the break.

The movie completely forgets about the last Hulk movie, and focuses more on the television lore. It actually summed things up really quickly, which just goes to show how much the Hulk is in our mindshare. I really, really wish we got the iconic Hulk origin, with the bomb and the every man Rick Jones. But nothing that I know of is perfect. We then see Bruce Banner in Brazil, working to cage the monster by controlling his anger and emotions. Bruce Banner is played wonderfully by Edward Norton. His decision to do the movie was a good one, and any of that Final Cut business was justified. The movie feels like something he would be attached to. More than anything, the Hulk works because of Norton’s hand dipping.

Once the Hulk comes out and the chase starts, the movie works rather well. When we finally see the Hulk, we are greeted to the CG version. But, it really isn’t a bad CG version. I actually really like this Hulk. He looks and feels powerful on the screen. The Hulk has emotion, has actual character. At first, I rolled my eyes. But, after a few minutes, I could tell that the Hulk looked unique. There was a moment at the end, with the fight with the Abomination, that the Hulk sighed, actually looked at his enemy with doubt and a bit of fear. It was a very classy move by the director Louis Leterrier. This guy has a really nice eye for violence, and it works really well in the movie. When things start going boom, they go boom with a certain style.

The seeds for sequels are all over the place. A Doctor gets some of the Hulk’s blood in a wound on his head, singling towards the Leader. Tony Stark basically screams that the Avengers are coming soon. SHIELD is mentioned as if the entire world is use to it by now. Really, it shows that Marvel is treating these movies as serials, one proceeding after the other in a linked process. We don’t have movies like this. We have trilogies and that’s it. We aren’t use to the idea of Movies like Comics, linking characters and actions together in one cohesive world. The idea has a billion flaws. For one, Marvel isn’t treating Spider-man like he’s part of the family. There are rights issues, probably. Another problem is the movies that will be coming out to support the Avengers movie. Captain America and Thor on the big screen makes me feel sick. I don’t see how anyone can make a Captain America movie and make it good. We’ll see. There is this formula that Marvel has found to make a good comic movie. But formulas get really old. And they don’t work for everything. The Incredible Hulk is a good movie, but it is far from perfect. I honestly think Marvel should take a break, relax, and chill on the movie making business. But that isn’t likely to happen. Avengers: 2010. I can almost promise you that one.


5 thoughts on “The Movies: The Incredible Hulk

  1. What exactly is the formula, Samuel? I’m afraid I don’t know much about comics and what have you and I’m curious about what exactly they’re reusing.

  2. I’m sorry. It was a vague reference to formula 51 and sammy jackson. Just tell my what I want to know. What exactly are they reusing?

  3. this new Incredible Hulk is a lot more fun than the first one with Eric Bana; Ed Norton does his usual specialty — the “split personality” role…

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