The Games: Otogi

It always frustrates me when an amazing game receives absolutely no love. Not only is it frustrating, but it’s not fair. There are thousands of games a person should play. But there are a select few that people need to play. Otogi: Myth of Demons is one of these games.

You’ve probably never heard of this game before, which is ridiculous. Developed by From Software, Otogi is about an undead warrior that is sent back to Earth to kill demons released from a broken seal. The demons roam Japan, wrecking the world. Your job is to go from village to village, cleansing the land of these demons. The more you kill, the more weapons you get, the more magic you unlock and the stronger you become. This game has some Role Playing elements in it, but at its heart, Otogi is a button mashing genius. You can string combos the more you hit enemies. And when you unlock the different magical elements, the game play levels up to brilliance. I once got a 300 hit combo. That’s just wonderful.

Oh, and yeah, it is beautiful. How beautiful? It probably has the best art direction of any Xbox One game, and that’s not just me saying this. This game got amazing reviews. There are times where you just stop and look at how awesome everything is. And it’s hard. There are scenes where your enemy is bigger than the screen. This isn’t an easy game. There will be sections where you get mad as hell. It is easily 20+ hours long. And the final boss? Is he hard? You have to beat him in three sections. He is fully healed in each section. And you have to jump from breakable platforms and dodge energy attacks. It took me fifty tries to beat him. So yeah, it’s hard.

This game is just satisfying. It was one of the games that made me appreciate art style and game play decisions. And it is so frustrating to tell people about this game and then they tell you they never heard of it. Even worse, Otogi isn’t supported by the Xbox 360 Backwards Compatible system. You can only play it on an Original Xbox. This game needs the attention of true gamers. Otogi is an unappreciated classic that won’t be understood for another ten years.