The Comics: Fell

Warren Ellis is a strange guy.  But he is always consistent, and actually pretty morally aware of the world.  His “Fell” series is a good example of this.  Detective Rich Fell is shipped off to a really bad part of a city, nicknamed “Snowtown”.  It is your basic urban hell, ran rampant with lawlessness and backwash.  Pretty much the section of a city that has been given up on.  Fell is smarter than most, and he knows it.  That makes for some really interesting reading, watching how Fell solves crimes, gets the bad guys to give them selves up, etc.  The book does get a bit repetitive, over time.  Towards the end, I was getting tired of Fell just being mister awesome cop.  I was more ready to see him in another light.  That is the one-trick part of Warren Ellis.  His characters are what they do, not who they are.  And, I actually like Ben Templesmith’s art in this.  Most time I’m grossed out, but in this I find his humor and his story telling actually very on point.  It is a must-read for Warren Ellis fans.  Regular people should give it a try, too.