The Games: Prince of Persia

Like a gift from the video game gods, a new Prince of Persia has been announced by Ubisoft.   The details of the game are few, but a leaked article from the French gaming magazine, Joypad, has pointed us in some very good directions.  Here is a run-down on what we have to look forward to.

-Open environments.  This is a no-brainer.  Ubisort Montreal is developing this new Prince, the same guys who did the controversial Assassin’s Creed.  If you enjoyed jumping from roof-tops and doing acrobatics in AC, then Prince of Persia will be the game for you.  Hopefully, Prince of Persia won’t be completely one-sided fun like Assassin’s Creed.  And, judging from old Prince of Persia games, expect lots of puzzles and lots of pin-point jumping.

-No Time Crap.  That is gone, and I say Thank God.  The last Prince of Persias were good, but the time-rewinding got a bit stale.  It was really fun, and helped out in some of those insane boss battles.  But I’m glad that the new Prince of Persia will try and strike out in a completely different direction.

-Cell-Shading.  Nice.  Very nice.  High-def graphics with cell-shaded characters will be amazing.  It will be a completely different art direction for the series and, just from looking at the pictures, it will be a joy to look at.

-Holiday release?  Yep.  And almost nothing else is coming out worth a damn this holiday either. Gears of War 2 and some others.  But Prince of Persia is unique and original.  It will have no problems generating sales.  Every one should be excited by this.  I’m a practicing running along walls in anticipation.