Comics: Nova

Cosmic based comics, which mean comics about dudes in space, have a hard time.  There aren’t any dudes in space.  So why should we care if there are dudes out in space doing stuff?   But Marvel tends to do a really good job.  And Nova is, by far, one of the best comics out there.  Period.  By anyone.  It has to be because the main character, Richard Rider, is a boy that just became a man, and he has this freshness to him, this raw energy.  He is super powerful, like Green Lantern powerful, and he isn’t afraid to make a rash judgment and stick to it.  This book is so alive, you have to read it.  If you are a comic fan, you absolutely have no choice.  Take issue 13, for example. Galactus is eating another planet.  And Nova has to by the planet four hours so people can escape.  But the Silver Surfer isn’t going to let that happen.  That’s right.  The Silver Surfer v. Nova.  Man, or man.  I can not wait for next month.  If you aren’t reading this, you should.  You really, really should.