The Movies: Superman/Doomsday

The Death of Superman story is a great one, and one that deserves the attention of any movie that would have it.  Superman Returns would have been a billion times better if it took that actually slate, instead of pretty much making the same movie as the original.  This animated film, featuring some talented voice acting and wonderful effects, is good.  But, it is missing something.  The power of the original Doomsday battle in the comic is that it lasted so long, and that the fight was epic.  In this animated version, its a bit short.  Plus, there is this whole “clone” thing that the movie deals with, that sort of goes south of the original idea.  What is working is the voice acting of Anne Heche.  She does an amazing job in this movie.  Simply amazing.  I don’t even like the idea of crying, but there was a moment.  A very small moment.  I almost shed a tear.  Really powerful stuff.  Don’t go into this thinking something it isn’t.  But it is a great movie, none-the-less.