Thoughts: The End of The World

I was hanging out at a bar the other day when I over heard a funny discussion between two cats. One guy was telling the other guy that the world is going to end in ten, maybe twenty years. We’ll all be dead, and there isn’t anything we are going to do about. He saw me listening and say, you know what I mean? I sort of turned the other way. It hit me at that moment that I have no interest or concern with the planet. What so ever.

I actually have a logical reason behind this. First, it has happened before. Remember the dinosaurs? Those poor massive bastards. They died. All of them. There are none left. Remember the Ice-age? That was a big deal, right? And, yes, it is going to happen again. One day, probably soon, we will no longer be able to live on this planet. We are all going to die. But, um, I’m not sure if you guys know this. But, like, we are going to die. All of us. That’s apart of the rules. You are born. You die. Those are the only two rules we get. Why do we fear mass deaths? If I’m going, you guys might as well come with me.

The world is going to be around. Humanity is a sneeze compared to the life-span of the planet. When we all die from global warming or whatever, the planet will slowly go back to normal. Just without us. And I’m fine with that. I didn’t ask to be put here no way. Don’t complain when I drive my car all day with the AC on, the windows rolled down out of spite…


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