The Reads: World War Z by Max Brooks

Writing a book like World War Z is very, very risky.  It could have turned out horrible.  The premise, a zombie outbreak, is very rooted in the horror genre, something I’ve always told my students to be afraid of. I’ve never told them they can’t write something.  But, I do tell them that something is more literary than others, that some stories will garner more respect.  World War Z totally impresses through out the reading, making it a brilliant page turner.

What makes the story good is not the outbreak, which is cool, but how the human race beat the zombies.  One of my favorite images from the piece was zombies walking on the bottom of the ocean, undead and searching for something that horrifies and mystifies at the same time.  The only problem I have with the book is that there is almost no character development.  There is only character profiles, these snapshots of how people lived through it.  But it is still great, and Max Brooks is a wonderful writer.